Moving on.

As it suggests, I’m ending the use of this blog permanently. It’s been a great few years with you loyal subscribers. This will be my 4th and most major transition as I move from a blog, full of rants and teenage angst, to a professional site where the focus is more on my upcoming career in the arts.

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If the girls approve, it’s good.

I got a new job at Lululemon Athletica! I’m now an Educator, that means I get to educate guests (customers) on products, with respect to what activities they’re doing. So far, I love this job. I go home when there’s still sunlight and I don’t smell like cheese or beer. And instead of drunks, I get to hang out with chicks all day long – I’m the ONLY guy around….

Working there is really an educational experience. Moving from an Apple store to an athletic sports wear store, it’s a completely different vibe. I have to learn as much as I can about fabrics and fibres, which is pretty interesting. The thing to learn, how to advise ladies on what tanks, tights and bras to wear… Yes, I’m enjoying that…

I’m still looking for a new place. We applied for a nice unit on Charles St. Big place, air con and it comes with a pool. Problem is, we’ve been waiting two fucking weeks, only to be told by the real estate agents, “we’re still waiting for the owner to decide”. So much for being an agent that doesn’t call or update us as applicants.

I seriously can’t wait for 2010. 2009 has been one of the most stressful and fucked up years in my life. Ever.



This is a rant. The place that I currently live in has been sold about two months ago. Seeing a possibility that I might need to move out, Martin and I immediately asked our real estate agents for advice and further details. Martin heads back to Sweden in the first week of Nov; I have my exams till 18th Nov; our lease ends 3rd Dec.

“No worries, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible” replied our agents, every time we asked.

Today we get a letter from them agents, telling that we need to fuck off by 3rd Dec. This leaves us just about 3 weeks to hunt for a place and move out.

Absofuckinglutely brilliant.

I’ve spent the last hour online, searching for new properties. Found a few decent (they LOOK decent), units, but as Martin points out, real estate photography is just a disgrace. We get pictures of EVERYTHING but the interior of any given unit. We got pics of the door, the bush near the door and the walkway that leads to the door – but no pics of rooms.

$300/pw for a 2 bedroom unit. Apple Perth, you’d better call me quick cos sure as hell need more income.

Oh what the hell…

Ok… so it’s been pretty dull here. Here we go with the mandatory updates.

1. I’m now 92 kgs.

2. I’m heading to the gym at least 3 times a week, and if my calculations are correct, I’ve piled on about 2kg of muscle.

3. I swung by Melbourne over the mid-sem break. I still don’t like Melbourne. Too crowded, too many asians. Kinda reminds me of singapore. Heck no.

4. I’ve just released my debut EP. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT just listen to it. DOWNLOAD it.. It’s free and you can get it here.

5. I’m working on my two solo projects – endbegin and The Antipatriot. It’ll come out when it’s ready.

6. I just recently acquired an Axiom 25 and Guitar Rig Mobile. Both I got at half price!

7. I’m dead broke.

8. Rachel Nicols.

9. I’m gradually beginning to loathe my current job.  Sucks when I’m a management student; I become uber sensitive when managers fail to manage and act like fucking morons.

10. Apple is coming to Perth and I’ve already sent in my resume. Here’s to hope.

OMG I’m almost done with 2nd year!

A reintroduction.

Soon. Very soon.

it never ends.

it never does.

no, i’m not migrating (well, not just yet at least).

Some people have too much time…

I can’t believe it… 4 more weeks till my exams hit, and then I’m exactly halfway thru my BA. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel, but I do wish things would SLOW THE FUCK down. Obviously, that ain’t gonna happen anytime soon.

These, have NOTHING to do with my rant. I just find them… interesting.

Ironman Vs Bruce Lee – This dude gets my respect… check the rest of his stuff…

This is epic.. I love this.. Absolutely love it… Mac Vs Pc… Brilliant!